KATU Weather Forecast

Saturday, April 19th 5 p.m.

Showers linger for the evening, but drier for Easter

The rain arrived Saturday right on schedule, heaviest on the north coast near Astoria and into SW Washington. But it's timely arrival means it should be getting out of here just as we forecasted.

Expect to see just a few remaining showers this evening as drier air moves into the region. But we could have some breezy conditions and even some thunder for the evening as we make the transition to calmer weather.

Weak high pressure will help us dry out for Easter Sunday.

After some morning fog, we'll see some sunshine for the afternoon, with highs back into the mid 60's and light winds.

Showers return later Monday, and much of next week looks pretty unsettled with cooler daytime highs and rain off and on.

Tonight - 42

Tomorrow - 66


Joe English