KATU Weather Forecast

Monday, September 1st 9 a.m.

Looking sunny & warmer for the holiday

Couldn't ask for a better day ahead on this Labor Day. Hopefully you have the day off to get out and enjoy it.

A weak front moving onshore today will keep some clouds around the north coast and in Southwest Washington through at least the early part of the day.

The rest of us will see a few clouds this morning, but more sun for the afternoon hours. Temperatures will climb today, too, to the upper 70s and low 80s.

Expect another weak front tomorrow to bring some more clouds and cooler temperatures Tuesday as kids start to head back to school.

By Thursday we make a big jump back up into the 80s and the kids will be begging to wear shorts to school the rest of the week.

Today - 79

Tonight - 58


Meteorologist Mary Loos