KATU Weather Forecast

Tuesday, September 23 10:00 AM

A damp Tuesday forecast with all-out wet weather on the way tonight.

A few scattered showers will dot the landscape around the area today. Skies will remain mostly cloudy with daytime highs generally in the upper 60s in the metro area. However, the fall season's first major storm arrives later tonight. Steady rain and higher winds will begin along the coast by late this afternoon. The rain will move inland to the Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington areas after dinnertime and mainly overnight.  VIPIR computer models show a possible half inch to one inch of rainfall is likely in the next 24 hours for most of our area.  Rain amounts could approach 2" along the coast.   Overnight lows will be in the low 60s.

Soaking rain will turn to showers by mid morning tomorrow. Daytime highs will land in the low 70s.  If rainfall continues to be heavy around the Clackamas River area near the 36 Pit Fire scars- we may see potential weather-related problems.  Landslides, flooding or debris flows are all possible during periods of heavy rain near that area. Residents near Estacada should be extra cautious and aware around the burn-scarred areas.