KATU Weather Forecast

Sunday, April 20th 10 p.m.

We're dry for now...

Still plenty of clouds out there, but no rain in them. So the cloud cover will help us stay relatively warm overnight with lows in the upper 40's around the metro area, while we stay dry overnight and most of Monday.

We do have another front on the way that will help push the rain in. That won't bring any moisture to the valley until after sunset Monday night. Since we have a warm start to the day, our afternoon highs will be mild, in the mid to upper 60's. Still, don't expect to see a whole lot of blue sky.

Do expect to see the rain return late Monday night into Tuesday...and the showers and rain will stick around this week and even into the weekend. Not only rain but cooler tempeartures as well, most of the week will see highs only around 60 if that. And the snow level in the Cascades falls to below the mountain passes Tuesday, with a few inches of snow possible.

Tonight - 47

Tomorrow - 65


Joe English