School Closures and Emergency Reports

Portland Area

Note: The information on this page is cleared each evening at 8:00 p.m. Organizations are then able to start posting information that will stay up until 8:00 p.m. the following evening at which time the process repeats.

School and Organization Closure Reports

Portland/Vanc/Salem School Closures for Mon. Sep. 15 - 9:50 pm
Unless stated otherwise below, participating schools and organizations are operating as usual.
Clackamas Co. Schools
Estacada Sch. Dist. - Due to the Wildfire outside of Estacada the following routes will change for Tuesday: Route 14 (Tazz): No pick-up on 224 above Faraday Rd. Route 11 - No pick-up above Habelt Rd. Route 7 - No pick-up on Tumala Mt. Rd above Divers Rd. No pick-up on Porter above Randall Rd. Route 8 - No pick-up on Fall Creek Rd. and No pick-up on Divers Rd. between Fall Creek Rd. and Tumala Mountain Rd.

Breaking News from Local Organizations

Portland/Vanc/Salem Emergency Info for Mon. Sep. 15 - 9:50 pm
Breaking news from local organizations.
American Red Cross - Cascades Region - Responders are assisting four adults and one child after a Gresham fire. This multiple family fire occurred in the 1900 block of NE Division. Red Cross provided lodging, clothing and food.