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Yet Another Terrible Carnival Cruise

On my cruise July 11-18 on the Carnival Victory 2010, i expected a dream vacation I have been waiting for all year. On the first stop in Saint Thomas in the virgin islands, our trip turned for the deadly. As we headed down to a very popular Coki beach, a man with a gun came from the jungle and shot a man in the street feet away from our bus. I hid under my seat for I am not dumb enough to put my head up. As I went down I gunfire erupted ffrom all directions. The last thing I saw was the gunman running at us shooting in our direcion. Screams erupted as bullets wizzed through our fan inches fromextinguishing my life some driver rear ended our van in the panic. I glanced up and saw a siloet of a man pull out is gun and empty his clip above my head. As i prayed that somehow the barrage of bullets would spare me and my father. I began to put together what was happening. There was a moentary cease fire for which we could escape. As I stood up (unwillingly) I saw a man dead on the ground and a man on another tour bus parrelel to ours who had been shot threw the upper chest. We ran away from the area for even though our bus totaled had no driver considering he left us. As we got further from the sceen a bus yelled for us to get on. A tourist had to drive the van since there driver left them also. As we got on they were leaving. by the luck of god we found that bus. the drive back was almost worse. the barely 2 lane road was filled with screaming cop and medical cars along with the other insane drivers. when we got back and told the carnival cruise lines they didnt beleive us and mocked us. later they realized we wenrt lying but lyed to us saying one person got hit in the hand. After more reaserch we found out that one girl that was on the cruise was killed on the sceen and another man wasimjured badely. afer constant meetings saying how they arent liable and it was our fault somehow we finally began hering how bad it really was that three civillians had been shot down. The back ground story was that two families have been fueding over property rights over a beach it went from a stabbing at night to a shooting at night to this. the reason the two gangs were there was for a funeral for the person who had been shot! One gang went to cause trouble and the other gang anticipated it. Even the police anticipated it and had a man there watching over. Doesnt Carnival have a person hired to warn us about impending danger like storms, or civil disputes or say GANG WARS. On top of insult they decided not to give the mortified people anything. A carnival employee talked to the captain and he said "dont give them a penny" how rude not even a free drink pass for almost dieng. When you waited longer than five minutes at burger king you at leat got a free fry. They downplayed the death in the news by saying only one carnival passenger died and one was injured. They barely gave us a free call to tell our families we were alive. The trip was a nightmare and I will never forget how terrible Canival really is.

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kctwarrior says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 1:11 AM

Your story sounds horrifying!! I just can't accept your premise that Carnival cruise lines is somehow liable to you in any way. When you set foot off that cruise ship and into a third world country, common sense says 'there is no place like home!'

Pamels says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 6:48 AM

You loose credibility with your lack or spelling and grammer skills.

Utterlyconfused says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 7:17 AM

Hmm, if you start out with a headline "Yet Another Terrible Carnival Cruise", perhaps you should mention it in the first paragraph...Oh wait there is only one (really long) paragraph never mind. Carnival must not like you 'cause my cruise was fine.

deadman says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 7:22 AM

Hey be thankful. At least you have the means to take cruises. Many people out there are struggling to keep their house or find food to eat and would love to have your troubles.

braedyn says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 7:36 AM

Wow, it's actually difficult to read your story your spelling and grammar are so atrocious, which makes it seem inplausible. Carnival isn't liable for anything. You chose to travel to a developing country and you were not aboard the ship.

cdrpete says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 9:20 AM

I have real difficulty with this story. I spent a lot of time in the Virgin Islands, living almost 5 years on St. Croix and visiting St. Thomas quite regularly. NEVER did I encounter this kind of ugliness anywhere on any of the Virgin Islands.

MJ says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 9:22 AM

Hey Pamels - Your short sentence contains 2 spelling errors and 2 grammatical errors. You should have paid attention in class.

Learn to Spell says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 9:34 AM

Not sure how or why you think Carnival is responsible for your bad experience. As unfortunate as this story is, that is the risk you knowingly take while traveling abroad. The story seems a little far fetched... maybe just your spelling!

Felana says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 10:19 AM

If the local government was aware of the situation then sure they should have notified the cruise and they could have reacted appropriately. However, what could the cruise really do to make amends afterward? Will a free drink really comfort you?

Mariah says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 11:14 AM

Your story is overexaggerated. And your spelling makes me want to puke.

jive turkey says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 11:15 AM

The fact is spelling errors or not, we should be glad this didn't happen to us.The fact that innocent people died should be a bigger topic than gramatical errors

the truth says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 11:23 AM

Mariah, your face makes me want to puke and i mean that in the nicest way possible.

Oh Please says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 12:05 PM

Ya, Carneval should hire an employee to "predict" when a gang war is going to break out. Did you read what you were trying to write? Most of it was redicules

greek? says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 12:19 PM

Was redicules a greek god like hercules? I know the article had bad spelling but seriously?

henry44 says ... on Friday, Nov 12 at 5:33 PM

Adolf called he wants his grammer Nazi's back

Cynic says ... on Saturday, Nov 13 at 8:00 PM

Ummm..This happened on LAND not something Carnival can control. Quit whining and vote Republican next time!

idiocy229 says ... on Sunday, Nov 14 at 10:04 AM

Cynic, you were stunned as a child wern't you?

LL says ... on Monday, Nov 15 at 2:42 PM

It seems to me that most of the people fixated on the spelling and not what the woman was trying to say. Like people were trying to kill other people and they got stuck in the middle of it. Some one was killed people! Look at the big picture!

finally says ... on Monday, Nov 15 at 2:47 PM

Huh looks like there is another person in this world isn't completely idiodic

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