I want you to read this letter and tell me what you think.
These are services that are needed by many people.

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In truth I feel that we are entering in to a Depression rather a recession .

No one in our generation has ever been through a Depression.

I have a really bad feeling. The richer do not want to lose what they have, those in power and in wealth will take to keep it. and as always the poor will be the losers.

You want something fair for everyone?
How can we have any thing that is equal and fair?

I don't have that answer. But, I do know this. were going to be looking like those other countries where people will start to revolt.

It is starting. The day of reckoning has started.
You may not want to see it, you may not want to believe it, you will say it won't happen to me, you will say thank God I live in such and such state.The truth is were all vulnerable.

I wish us all the best of luck.

Let us not rush into accepting a chip implantation for all the answers.

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lee98632 says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 9:32 AM

Update: More pending cuts for Children are on the way . The person I spoke with at DHS says she is "Scared" and confirmed that we may be moving into a depression. She also stated that I am not taking that comment about a depression over board.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 4:31 PM

Get a life, then an education. Work hard and you will reap the benefits and be able to provide for your family. Stop looking for hand outs and control your own destiny.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 5:43 PM

What do you want? More money from everyone else? Sure as a society we should all pitch in, but there's too many people that want more and contribute less. Your solution is the rich work hard and give it all to you? I'm sick of it.

WTF says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 9:05 PM

This is an effect of the economy...nothing new to report on. You think the populous (look it up) can fix it? Think again. In the mean time, go make yourself useful and expend your energy elsewhere other than posting this drivel.

cmh says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 9:45 PM

You ask how we can have anything that is equal and fair. We do. It is called public education. I can go to school and get a good education - you have the same right. If you choose to not utilize that education and remain poor, that is your decision.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:01 PM

So you think many of us are looking for hand outs? no wonder you are ANON , If you can't put a name to your postings then it is as nothing was posted. Say what you need to to ease your conscience and when you wind up in a wreck and disabled you wil

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:06 PM

Oh And ANON's why not place a name behind your comment? Ahh, I know why, you think you are the elite? Well, when you in an accident Well, only or wind up with TBI, lets see what tune you sing. Oh wait...You think it will never happen to you..

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:07 PM

Well lets see what happens when a DUI comes at you and crushes that tin can you call a car or truck. Lets see how brave you are when you wind up with brain cancer. Lets see what happens when you lose your sight. Or wind up with PTSD or are shot. Or

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:09 PM

Better yet lets see how you fair when you lose your job, your house, your car and everything. Lets see how you fair when everything in your life turns upside down. How well will your education serve you when you have a TBI? How will you fair

lee98632 says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:14 PM

When Destiny hands you her hand and calls your bluff? and even the rich can fall prey to illness. yeah to bad you anon. What do you fear? and Amazing..WTF..what a user name.And CMH you call kids going to public school for 2 hours (in wa) an education

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:15 PM

Our Public Schools are a Joke here in Wa. I know I have nieces and nephews that go to them..You want a real education System? Place kids in School all year round. Like they do in Japan ..Speaking of which, there kicking our buts in education.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:17 PM

Oh Wait..Your scared of what is to come? that would explain the put least I know how to grow a garden, and if need be I can put a cow down and gut it out and use it for food. Even go fishing and get fish. I can live with out

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Dec 16 at 10:21 PM

Cell Phones and the like. How about you? can you live with out a cell phone? can you live with out going to shopping market ? Are you able to use a Hydroponic Garden? I figured as much.

Betrayer says ... on Friday, Dec 17 at 3:45 AM

Quit watching Fox news. all of you..... the sky isnt falling get a grip what are you all 12 now?

lee98632 says ... on Saturday, Dec 18 at 7:16 PM

Eh Fox News? Eh...I watch CNN,they do a better job at making the sky look like it is falling .. You know with N.Korea and south Korea, and all the weather woes, like Florida freezing. Meh na,sky not falling..But, the human race is lol.

cbrgirl2010 says ... on Sunday, Dec 19 at 6:12 PM

This is exactly what the government wants us to do. Argue, fight and not get along so they can continue to run all of our lives. No matter if we are rich or poor they are really good at controlling the American population.

lee98632 says ... on Tuesday, Jan 11 at 11:47 PM

As I said your life can change in a heart beat. Giffrod's did. but she is lucky, her family has money to help care for her, they have millions, I hope that this tragedy perhaps a deeper compassion will be had with those who have disabilities.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 11 at 11:49 PM

May be, just maybe, we might see a change. Giffrod used to have a job as a congress woman, I do not say this to be cruel nor to be insensitive, but, how we treat others will come back to haunt us later. I hope she has a change of heart and becomes

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 11 at 11:50 PM

and becomes an advocate for persons with disabilities.

lee98632 says ... on Monday, Jan 17 at 11:29 PM

UP Date: DDD Services for No Fee based clients has been terminated. again the Razor has slashed the throats of those that can not fend for them selves. The tension is building

lee98632 says ... on Sunday, Jan 30 at 10:18 PM

Update : Washington State has reveresed there decision. They are in the process to returning the said services.There cutting Aide to immgrants.

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