Food stamps paying for energy drinks

Hi, I was at a local convenience store this evening paying for my purchases with quarters from my change jar when in front of me was a 20 something paying for two rockstar energy drinks and a candy bar and also tried to get a couple of 5 hour energy shots the energy shots were denied and he promptly got on his cell phone telling the person at the other end that they were out of luck on the shots. But the other things went through for a total of 12 dollars and change. So my problem is why is the food stamp program paying for energy drinks and candy? 3 items at over 12 dollars and he had a cell phone to boot. I have fallen on hard times, I have no phone at all, I write this from the local library. I have a 2 year old, I get no assistance, why do I have to pay for that.

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Citizen says ... on Friday, Jun 13 at 9:24 PM

I actually have no problem with someone from this country needing occasional help. My problem is paying for so many that aren't U.S. Citizens and some with multiple wives!

ePPY says ... on Wednesday, Mar 6 at 12:51 AM

oregon food stamps program is called SNAP or supplemental needs assistance program. What a bunch of bologna folks! I just witnessed two older folks buying 7 1 qt bottles of mellow yellow for their "party" with food stamps. Why is this possible?

B166ER says ... on Saturday, Aug 11 at 4:59 PM

Whoever the idiot was who said energy drinks are basically legal speed watches far too much CNN. Your claims is pure junk science. Rockstar Energy drinks are LOADED with B-Vitamins and B-Vitamins=Good. Most Americans hardly take in enough of them.

Derrold says ... on Wednesday, Jun 20 at 10:34 PM

I think its a joke! I pay hundreds per week to tax's and I see people all the time buying Redbull and monster etc.... all the time. the bottom line is energy drinks are not needed for any purpose or nutritional value. it is ridiculous

Anonymous says ... on Monday, May 21 at 1:41 PM

theyr trying to pass a bill to tell fs card owners what they can and cant eat i will agree to a point but what are diabetics supposed to do we need a certain amount of sugar to keep our levels sustained and they do have lo carb energy drinks smdh

get over it! says ... on Monday, Mar 12 at 10:35 AM

It's not up to you how individuals choses to feed themselves and their families. If they want to live off of chips, candy and rockstars, so be it. They're getting fed aren't they? End of story! People need to stop concerning themselves with others!

redbulldranker says ... on Wednesday, Feb 8 at 10:19 AM

stop worrying about what other people are doing or buying with their foodstamps, if your poor and have a kid you should be able to get a ton of money from the government, foodstamps and cash. but then again maybe your a junkie or an alcoholic.

UnemployedAfter23Years says ... on Wednesday, Sep 7 at 4:07 PM

I'm on FS and do buy a little treats. BUT I make them last for all they are worth. A box of Little Debbie cakes I make last a month. I understand what assistance is for. To HELP you til you get back on your feet. Some abuse that,not all do. Shame...

No Assistance Available says ... on Monday, Jul 11 at 6:33 PM

On the other side of the coin, I work my tail off (nothing handed to me), I have 3 kids and I make just enough money that there is no assistance of any kind available but we live worse than many that I see on food and assistance. How is that right?

No Assistance Available says ... on Monday, Jul 11 at 6:30 PM

To Mary: its not the fortunate degrading the poor, it's the tax payers angry at the misuse of tax payer money. Being poor and staying poor is a choice not a situation for the state to fix for you. I don't judge anyone but everything is a choice.

Machale Spencer says ... on Tuesday, Jun 21 at 5:54 PM

We got food stamps when we were younger so I am NOT judging anyone (by the way we also gladly ate what ever the food bank gave us and it was NEVER soda and chips). If you are going to take from others then understand when they are upset if you abuse.

Jerry says ... on Tuesday, Apr 26 at 7:27 AM

Food stamps should be used for ony the basics !!! No more candy,soda,etc. I am tired of being behind someone at the store paying with an Oregon Trail card for food then pulling out a wad of money to pay for smokes and beer.

MARY says ... on Thursday, Apr 14 at 7:57 PM


I paid for the food stamps I get. says ... on Sunday, Apr 10 at 11:49 AM

I paid taxes for years so I would have the benefit of getting EBT assistance in times such as these. Whether I choose to buy energy drinks or flour, water, and lard - like they gave the Native Americans is my right since I paid my taxes. Judge not!

Al says ... on Thursday, Apr 7 at 10:43 PM

I agree it's silly people can buy junk food with FS and not energy drinks. What's the difference? As to cell phones, there is a program that gives a free simple cell phone to use. There are a lot of odd rules about what foods you can buy.

melissa says ... on Saturday, Apr 2 at 1:46 PM

if you have to kids you can go get benefits for you and your kids. just try. and what we do with our stuff is our bussiness. stop complaining cause there are people worse off than you are.

Grandpa says ... on Thursday, Mar 10 at 10:14 AM

Folks, you seem to forget that there's 2 sides of the Oregon Trail cards. One side is for food and the purchases for such. The OTHER side is CASH and that's why Washington has moved to ban cash withdrawls at nail salons, casinos and bars.

original says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 5:40 PM

in response to Not Lazy, nor am I lazy, My husband is a hard working trucker and we do not qualify for FS we have bills and rent and DO pay TAXES so obviously we do pay for it. TO msmac,yes they can I saw it with my own eyes here in Oregon

msmac says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:56 PM

You cant buy "Energy Drinks' with foodstamps. Not in Oregon or Washington.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:26 PM

I'm very grateful for the assistance i have received and hopefully soon I will no longer need it. that's what its for, to help you get on your feet. you can't judge when you don't understand, if the roles were reversed you'd be thankful too.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:18 PM

FT students can get food stamps if receiving financial aid, DHS does not count Financial Aid as an income because it is a loan, that has to be paid back.

Not Lazy says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:11 PM

if you weren't so lazy, you would have food stamps too and then you could feed your child instead of complaining about what others do with theirs. and if you're so broke then obviously you're not paying for what they are buying. thank you

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:09 PM

well at least you know their FS won't last them too long and maybe they will learn to make it stretch, but with the program there are rules to follow, eventually people like that will lose their benefits.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Mar 9 at 1:07 PM

some people take advantage of the assistance. But why are you not getting any assistance you more than qualify for it, especially being that you're a mom and have a child.

original says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:53 PM

Hi everyone, I am the original poster of this story. I want to say that I do not criticize the people receiving aid, I criticize the use of said aid. Energy drinks are basically legal speed, food I can see, even snacks, but not a free high.

anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:46 PM

I receive food stamps, and I agree with you. There should be a way to let people buy a percent of candy or chips, but also be able to buy tp or soaps with them. Just cause I get fs I am not a bad person maybe you can't see my disability but I am.

Not so silent observer says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 6:23 PM

1. SOME people abuse food stamp programs. 2. I don't think anyone is telling others what to eat...but rather what NOT to waste precious food stamp funds on.

Fedup says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 6:18 PM

True story.......I am a checker.........Customer used Or Trail card then proceeds to ask me to enter her PIN into the machine because she just got her nails done and didn't want to damage them. I truly wanted to tell her where she could put her nails

Anonymos says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 6:04 PM

What is wrong with all the judge mental people on here. you know that what you are saying is none of your biz. If it is your place to judge who gets what kinda of life then I guess you should tell god to take a side seat to your wisdom.

WOW says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 3:41 PM

Ok. So if you dont want to be told what to eat. THEN DONT BE ON WELFARE. Its not there so you can continue to live your lavish lifestyle. Its for LIMITED use only. I work in HORRIBLE jobs so I can live how I want and NOT much of the other tax payers.

Former Welfare Worker says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 12:47 PM

As for the person who witness the illegal act of a mother giving her minor children cash to buy lotto tixs, why didn't you report it? THAT is illegal, yet you stood by and did nothing, says alot about you.

Foremer Welfare Worker says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 12:44 PM

You all seem to 'assume' that everyone on FS has never worked or contributed to the taxes that paid for it. MOST actually have, so therefore they are using THIER money, not yours. As for car paymnts counting, they don't!

sister of "one of them" says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 9:12 AM

i have a sis on f.s. she is overweight and buys junk. she never uses coupons, complains when she runs out of f.s., complains when she "works too much" and they cut her f.s. $. it drives me crazy! f.s. program is contributing to the obesity epidemic.

fgsfds says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 9:08 AM

a while ago they supposedly stopped letting people buy energy drinks with it. someone i know turned into a sloth since that happened

Jeannie says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:33 AM

I once worked at a Fred Meyer and was really mad when a customer went through my line and bought some food but then turned around and was able to take out $80 dollars cash and then proceed to buy about $75ish worth of make-up!!!!! come on!!

lo-dawg says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:32 AM

i think peopele should just stay out of people bussiness there are bigger problems in this worlrd. who care if they use foodstamp to pay for energy drink! cry me a river

pffft says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:28 AM

I know someone who works at the state welfare office. Car payments count toward eligibility for food stamps. One day a well dressed woman came in and was approved for F.S. because the payment on her luxury SUV was $750/mo. How's that for messed up?

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:20 AM

Our family receives food stamps right now while my husband is finishing schooling. I agree that food stamps should not be used for junk food. But, i also want to say that we should not judge all recipients the same.

Irk'd says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:17 AM

Restricting items on FS to healthier choices is not telling people what they can/not eat. They can still eat junk food, they should just pay cash for it. It's all a conspiracy anyway to keep health care running. Wait, we taxpayers pay for that too!

Isabel's Grandma says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:15 AM

Food Stamps should be "necessary" stamps. I was on assistance a nbr of yrs ago and i was so shocked that I could buy pizza, lobster, steak, but not toilet paper, diapers, or hygiene items. Too much money given out in foodstampsk, makes fraud easy

Bryce says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:15 AM

To the people who commented that the government should not tell us what to eat, that's not what was said. People can eat whatever they want, as long as they pay for it. But, the government should be able to dictate how taxpayer money is spent.

jonathan says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 8:00 AM

enjoyed watching the hispanic lady in front of me with her 4 kids and her welfare "debit card". she then pulls out four 1 dollar bills, gives them to her kids to each go buy a lottery ticket from vending machine. glad i work and pay taxes for THAT.

Suzvw says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:55 AM

I'm 62, have been on unemployment for a year now and nothing in sight. I have never, ever received food stamps. But we shouldn't tell people what to buy. And I find nothing wrong with someone buying something expensive. All food is expensive now!

Sounds about right says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:43 AM

My favorite food stamp/Oregon Trail Card story was when a woman purchased a case of soda to then dump it out in the parking lot and bring the cans back in so she could get the nickles from the deposit.

Former Welfare Worker says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:34 AM

As for college students, FT college students who do not work a min of 20 hrs/wk are not elig. for any benefits. However, I can tell you many don't say they're students. The rule exist because going to school is a choice, you can always work instead.

Former Welfare Worker says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:32 AM

While I agree they should not use the benefits to get such things, we the people have no right to tell someone what they can and cannot eat. We start doing that, and the government will start telling us what to eat.

Kay says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 7:10 AM

I should like to add something to my comment. Anonymous says that there should be stronger restrictions on what people can buy with food stamps. I say, what a sad, sad world it would be if we were told what we can or cannot eat.

to leslie says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 6:58 AM

I'm sorry but I have issue with college students getting food stamps too. I worked full time while in college supporting me and my daughter. If you can't afford not to work, that is not the tax payers problem either. Entitlement is a problem.

PO'd says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 5:51 AM

It's the Nanny State at it's finest, buying votes with our taxes. The only way to stop this is to vote differently than we have in the past.

leslie says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 5:35 AM

Anonymous- thanks for your comment. I know there are many who don't buy junk with food stamps. FS helped my husband and I through college and we were very careful regarding what we bought and THANKFUL for the help.

leslie says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 5:33 AM

And how 'bout drug testing the recipients since I have to be drug free to provide the service for them?

TaxPayer says ... on Tuesday, Mar 8 at 4:34 AM

It is not just junk food that is inappropriate.. it is seeing someone buy very expensive items on their Oregon Trail Card while I pay for all my groceries on my own, and I have to shop sale items, break out the coupons, etc.. How is this okay?

Bert says ... on Monday, Mar 7 at 9:31 PM

Try being a grocery clerk at a big supermarket, keeping your mouth shut as you see what these card holders buy. Makes me sick. No ingredients for anything substantial, just junk and more junk. Sometimes I want to just rip the card out of their hand

Oregonian Girl says ... on Monday, Mar 7 at 9:12 PM

Yep, I stood in line tonight at Safeway behind a woman with only one item -- a four-pack of Rockstar energy drinks. Total selling price = $8.49. Card used = Oregon Trail card. I was dumbfounded! Nice to know that my tax money bought that! Grr!!!

Ray says ... on Monday, Mar 7 at 8:56 PM

Unfortunately thanks to our Governor, the poverty level has been decreased twice already this year and has put alot of people to struggle alone without much needed help.This goes for full time single parents who work hard for what they have.

David says ... on Monday, Mar 7 at 8:46 PM

I agree completely! I didn't know what the Oregon Trail cards were for the longest time after moving here. Its amazing what you see people buy on those cards!

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Mar 7 at 8:44 PM

My family receives food stamps, and I totally agree with you. Why should you pay for energy drinks, candy, potato chips, soda, and any other kind of junk food. There should be stronger restrictions on what people can buy with food stamps.

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