Missing Young Girl Last Seen in Portland

She is 5'2’, African American and weighs about 115lbs. Her hair is usually shoulder length and she has a “bold bright smile,” her family says.

She was last seen Saturday, March 19, getting onto a TriMet bus headed for Vancouver to visit a relative, wearing yellow sweats, navy blue converse, and a black leather jacket.

Yashawnee spoke on a cellphone with her mother between 5 and 7 p.m. last Saturday evening from a Taco Bell restaurant in the 82nd Avenue MAX train area.

Family members say her last call was at 7:56 p.m. Saturday night according to a call log. If you have seen her or have any information, the family asks you to call 503 774-5212.


Yashawnee Laface Vaughn, Born December 4th 1996 Wt. 115 lbs Ht 5'2 African American usually shoulder length black hair bold bright smile Date went Missing on March 19th 2011 Last seen or contacted Between ...5pm to 7pm that day at a taco bell in the 82nd max area her last call was at 7:56 pm according to a call log, and she had on yellow sweats, navy blue converse, and a black leather jacket.

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Debbie says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 8:09 AM

It seems strange that a 12 y.o. would wear yellow sweats vs her nicest clothes, going to be in the public. Going on an "adventure". No suitcase or backpack? Sorry, someone is not telling the whole story.

Logical says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:11 AM

in this area its actually very trendy to wear bright sweats with your sneaks. its not suprising that she's wearing sweat for an uncomfortable max ride to vancouver. she's 12 not 19. not the greatest investigation skills.

Karla says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 10:16 AM

She's 14, not 12. She was going to see a relative. That would have been confirmed by now. It doesn't matter how she is dressed other than to spot her. She is missing and needs to be found.

shay jones says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 12:24 PM

This is hella sad I. Find it really funny how are system works because when the little boy kyron come up missing it was all over the media. Now that its a little african american girl nobodys pussing the issue what this world came to.

shay says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 12:26 PM

So please everybody keep your eyes out for this little girl she's in are prayers an thoughts I have a daughter the same age an this hurts to see this.

nikkia says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 12:46 PM

Wow this is sad this little girl needs to be found she's in my prayers an I'm keep watching to see if i see her around this is sad please people keep looking. For this girl she has a family who needs her home if it was your babay you would be lookin.

LaVerne Green says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 3:07 PM

I am sadden that she is missing and furious that my channel 2 is not making this a priority in the news coverage!! Kyron got and is still getting major coverage. This needs to be front and center because if not it looks bad like you don't care!

janet says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 4:30 PM

I don't understand why blacks give their kids such odd names as hers. Does it mean something? Or are they just trying to be different? Just weird.

Annonymous says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 4:36 PM

To Janet: theres a young girl missing and you have the nerve to only care about "WHY BLACK PEOPLE NAME THEIR CHILDREN ODD NAMES." Thats horrible have some heart and respect if you know what that is.

lee98632 says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 5:05 PM

I hope that she is found. But with out knowing the dynamics like if there was a fight, or perhaps a boyfreind that you may have told her not to see and she could have rebelled. I am just saying take time and think of who, what , when and where.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 5:09 PM

wow this is crazy how come ain't tha news channels sayin nothing bout this but if it was kyron it would be all over since its a black girl there don't care

carman says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 5:16 PM

whatever age she is ,she is still a kid so do the job and find her.

jazmyn says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 7:06 PM

this young girl is missing and so many people have commented on her clothes or her nme but what matters is finding her!! she will continue to stay in my prayers and news broadcastings need to do what they did with kyron!!!

Mom of 3 family friend says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 7:10 PM

every one doesnt dress to impress. This isnt a time for gossip or fashion police!!! focus this 14 year old girl in our community is missing!!!!!!!!! act as if she were yours and do all that you can, Keep the faith We Love U Shawnee:) :).

dnt matter says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:27 PM

With all that said, and those pointless comments. I never took any interest in anything about Kyron..at all. Is that a white name.lol

DOESNT MATTER says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:34 PM

Its a sad feeling when a child is missing, but its amazing to see to white people and how they react when its not their own..

Ling says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:40 PM

I hope she's found soon and is safely back with her family.

lisa coleman says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:44 PM

love is kind one love blessings to her & her family.

DOING MY BEST says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 9:50 PM


BT says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 2:16 AM

Has anyone heard a response from the media other then what the police are saying? I thought the news was for the people by the people. This is asking for help to show this baby picture so it can reach all of the NW not even one news station. Why?

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 3:23 AM

The onlty thing that matters is my niece comes home,Her uncle Michael Louis from Phoenix,Az

Michael says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 3:24 AM

We should pray that all the missing children make it home..

Michael says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 3:42 AM

Let"s not get caught up in this neg comments lets just find Shawnee. People will be what they are but we have to be the better person.from her uncle Michael Louis Phoenix,Az

Disgusted says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:04 AM

It doesnt matter the color the clothes the age. I pray that all of the missing kids are okay and safely returned to their families. I could never imagine not knowing where my children are. Put yourself in the families shoes and show some respect!

concerned says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:27 AM

A child is a child, color makes no difference to the family that has a missing child. Keep pushing the media to get her picture out there, don't stop! What she's wearing is totally normal for a teen and 82nd can be a bad place. FIND HER!

protectkidz says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:28 AM

has the family started an open facebook page? it would be helpful to have that to start getting the word out.

julie. says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:35 AM

The lord is goin to bring this young lady home my family an my family church is praying for her an her family an friends. The lord works an is hereing are prayers I'm a mother of five it hurts me to see this an how people can leave such dumb comments

protectkidz says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:40 AM

mods, please post the link I posted to Insessions Message Boards - how can we spread the word of this missing child if you will not allow links??? It's a reputable site - Insessions is owned by CNN.

Momma says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 11:06 AM

No matter the age, clothing, race etc. this missing girl needs to be found. My heart goes out to the family. It is too bad that in this day and age we cannot let a young person travel alone using public transportation.

xaviercomputers says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 4:25 PM

What gets me is who's the person that gets to decide whats newsworthy, the news director, or their bosses? There is a dedicated section to Kyron, and yet there are many other missing children of all races, sexes, and econimic backgrounds. Its sad.

protectkidz says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 5:14 PM

xavier - I have repeatedely given you a link to where Yashawnee's story is posted on a message board that is national, and you choose to not publish? I have contacted the family about this.

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 10:26 PM


Cheritta(godmother) says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 11:00 PM

we need 2 stay prayn 2 god 4 her self return home bcuz he will bring her hm safe n sound

sherry says ... on Saturday, Mar 26 at 11:09 PM

I agree, color doesn't matter, however her age does, she is a child, she needs to brought home. I have a 14 yr old daughter and can't get this out of my head, I pray that she is found unharmed. Family and friends are here for you!!!!!!

denise says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 12:47 AM

she need to be found i was once 14 years old and back then is my moter was not home she had her friends looking out on us but if she was going to vancouver some one seen her and like every one saying some one know some think and not saying any thing

Kathie says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 8:07 AM

I have shared this on my Facebook page and encourage others to do the same. It disturbs and upsets me that there is not more news coverage of this! How many more are out there that we know nothing about? I pray you are found safe soon, Yashawnee!

momof2 says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 9:11 AM

Has anyone heard from her? It upsets me that the media has yet to mention this young girl on the news, but instead have a story about searchers looking for Kyron, again, in the news AGAIN. Maybe make room for other missing children, KATU.....

Bonnie says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 9:59 AM

Has any of her family searched the area she was last seen? Are family and friends showing her picture to people in that area? I hope she is found. She's a pretty girl and I don't understand why she was traveling alone. 14 yrs is not old enough IMO

Bonnie says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 10:03 AM

Also, I could have easily overlooked this story. It's not in a very good spot on the news. She needs more coverage. Maybe family can contact a tv station...

sabrina says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 10:08 AM

I dont think Kyron received more media because he was white. I think is was because he came up missing from an elementary school, and his parents are making sure that it is out there. I hope she is found and returned safely. No child deserves this..

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 2:06 PM

I prayed at church today for this child I have a question has the family contact maybe the Nancygrace show she's always showing missing. Kids an in this case somebody should my family an I hope she comes home safe

Iwannaplayday says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 2:36 PM

I think the difference between this young lady and Kyron is...Kyron went missing from a school. A place where parent expect their kids to be safe. He was not traveling alone on public transportation. The drama with Terri H kept him in the news.

momof2 says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 5:17 PM

I made a comment to KATU about not posting this story and noticed they took it back out of archive from last week and put the story on the side bar. There are other kids out there and if my teen daughter went missing, I would be going out of my mind

Lacey says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 6:44 PM

Bull that this story isn't a priority headline!! I hope she is found safe and returns home soon.

black clark college journalism studentgot a F for reporting about things that matter to people of color. says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 1:36 AM

Indeed, i pray for this child safe return... Indeed she is not getting the coverage because this is a aAFRICAN AMAERICAN GIRl. KYRON AND ALL OTHERS WERE all over the news they report what they want to report period! im sick of this bias bs!

Valerie says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 7:16 AM

Has anyone posted her as missing on Findthemissing.org?

sharon says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 8:02 AM

Had no idea about this story. Why isnt she getting the attention Kyron is getting?...Just curious!

M. Moore says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 9:33 AM

@ Debbie, you sound very "smart" and must don't have any kids of your own! We don't need negativity in this matter, a child is missing!

Ja'bril R Coleman says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 9:57 AM

Bestfriend please come home safe!

Lzerd says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 11:29 AM

Why is the media not giving this the same attention they lavished on Kyron? Was it not a dramatic enough way to go missing? Is it because she is "other"--i.e. non-white? EVERY missing child needs the same attention!

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 12:32 PM

I am really disturbed how the young girl from Oregon City got news coverage because she did not make it to her friends as she lied to her parents but ended up in Texas with an adult male and drove back to Oregon with her but they ran her story.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 12:33 PM

Has anyone heard from the news on why they will not run coverage on this not even an apology? I hate to call myself an Oregonian I'm just saying if this is not race then what is it when the white girl ran away but Shawnee can't get no play come on.

Concerned Parent says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 12:34 PM

I myself am a parent and if a child has went missing I would want to hear about it and know that the police and the news are doing something about it. Find out what happened. I wonder how many babies in our Community go missing and we dont hear??????

Patti says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 12:45 PM

Being am other of twin daughters this was very scarey & disturbing to read. I pray she get home safely.

Finally says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 12:58 PM

How shameful that so many of you are choosing to grind your axe about race here ... and now! The friends and family of this girl need your support - not angry accusations and racist trash. Family - I pray that your little girl will be found safe!

Anonymous. says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 4:47 PM

I don't see why it matters whether shes in hiding, ran away, whatever. A CHILD is missing and no one seems to care! She should be getting as much attention as Kyron did. Regardless of her race,home life, background, etc. Arguing about is POINTLESS.

Deb B says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 6:29 PM

Praying for you and yours.

Laura says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 6:29 PM

Its not racial, it is because of her age. Unfortunately, they assume most teens are runaways and runaways don't get the same coverage abductions do. Hope she is found safe and sound.

Jay says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 7:34 PM

Just Posted on facebook in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada ..Prayers for her safe return home

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 7:47 PM

Finally the portland police are doing something. Praying for the family that God brings your baby girl home safe and unharmed. Hope the media picks up their game and follows with coverage.

Concerned says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 10:32 PM

@ANONYMOUS or anyone that has the link to the facebook page, please post the link so we can all share it and spread the word and get this girl home where she needs to be.

MoMo says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 10:36 PM

The fact that some of you would even care about what she is wearing, or that its no big deal because of her age, need to get a reality check, SHE WAS ON 82nd PEOPLE!!!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE RAN AWAY? SHE NEEDS FOUND, WAKE UP AND FIND HER. ASAP!!!

Concerned says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 10:39 PM

Regarding the Facebook link, we need that link ASAP, spread the word, and spread it fast!!!

MoMo says ... on Monday, Mar 28 at 10:44 PM

Fashion couldn't matter less, age, dosn't change it. Race, why does it matter? She could be purple for all I care, she is a young girl, with family and friends that are wondering if they will ever see this girl again. Have some respect, FIND HER NOW!

God sent. says ... on Tuesday, Mar 29 at 3:50 AM

God is our shield, it is only God that knows where she is now, Jeremiah 1:19 says: and they shall fight against thee; but they shall not prevail against thee; for i am with thee, sait the Lord, to deliver thee: God shall bring Yashawnee Laface back.

God Sent Moses Nigeria says ... on Tuesday, Mar 29 at 4:33 AM

whatever that happen to her we dont care to know, Parent just with by faith that she going to come back safely the just shall live by faith not by sight....God never sleep neither slumber be strong and of a good courage: let pray for our missi girls.

Tierra Mcd. says ... on Tuesday, Mar 29 at 10:09 AM

I hope yawl find her i think every1 needs 2 give it a try and dnt give up on anything or anyone. Just pray and the lord will hear and help. And to all thats related or close to her im sorry for wat happened. I hope yu find her....God Bless Yu All :'(

Ainnie Marsha says ... on Tuesday, Mar 29 at 3:15 PM

If you go to facebook and request Kiki Tolbert-Griffin to get added to the page. Or request "YaShawnee Vaughn Please come home safely.

Jaynaughty says ... on Wednesday, Mar 30 at 9:29 AM

Everybody just help us bring my friend home we all really miss her && want her to come home asap , Bb ily

xaviercomputers says ... on Thursday, Mar 31 at 3:40 PM

RIP Yashanee Vaughn So Sad. . .

Iwannplayday says ... on Thursday, Mar 31 at 4:00 PM

So sorry for your loss. Every child under the age of 18 should be considered a missing child (not runaway) regardless of their past/clothes/race. Police/criminal record or not, she was a child. Praying for God to comfort your family during this time

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Mar 31 at 6:19 PM

My prayers go out to Shawnee family she is home now Gods little angel. If only the media and police was there you wouldn't have to suffer almost 2 weeks. God gave her a purpose and she is home now. RIP BONNIE B. you are and always will be loved.

Bonnie says ... on Thursday, Mar 31 at 7:09 PM

What happened??

annonymous says ... on Friday, Apr 1 at 4:30 PM

Im sorry Shaqita my thaughts and prayers are with the family stay strong much love....

Roshayla says ... on Friday, Apr 1 at 10:14 PM

god plz bring my sister back she was to young she had a full life ahead of her only shawnee nd parrish really kno what happend that nite nd the other ppl that was with him he needs to rott in jail for MURDERING some one so close to every 1 RIP Sis;(

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Apr 3 at 12:21 AM

I pray that there's still hope God please reveal Shawnees whereabouts so her family can heal whoever was so EVIL to do harm to a child needs to pay God I pray for strength for her mother and father. Whever she is we know you are watching over her.

MistyTorres says ... on Sunday, Apr 3 at 12:01 PM


Tyorie says ... on Saturday, Apr 9 at 9:31 AM

r.i.p shawnee even thouqh ididnt know you but my mother canita does. i hopee youu comee homee soon! pleasee find her and put her to rest properly! my prayers are to the family!! <3

Rebel says ... on Saturday, Apr 16 at 3:08 PM

I'm so sorry she's missing and I hope one way or another she is found soon. I'm upset that I haven't seen any media coverage about this at all... the only way I knew she was missing was by seeing posters on the #72 bus.

annoyed says ... on Friday, May 27 at 9:41 AM

Shawnee IS a strong young women! She would never run away from those who love her. I know that whatever did happen she FOUGHT hard. She has way to big of a family to have just ran away without calling someone.

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