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Another Pit Bull Attack in Oregon

Last Sunday a pit bull got through our fence and attacked our laying chickens. One was killed, two injured. One injured chicken has a three inch wide bite out of its side that is to the bone.

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Shay says ... on Friday, Sep 3 at 5:50 PM

yeah so what it was a pit!!! guarantee just about any dog would LOVE to chase a bunch of loud, floppy birds! or a cat that runs, its prey instinct...did they not originate from wild animals. cats kill birds, mice, ect..same effin concept ppl. TRAIN!!

Lisa says ... on Monday, Feb 22 at 9:58 PM

Had a pitbull and a basset take out 7 of my chickens so far. My three dogs have never hurt our chickens. Hmm. They're all hunters and will kill? Or is it training by owners, or rather the lack of training and conditioning?

85tonys says ... on Wednesday, Oct 7 at 7:14 PM

I myself own a pitbull, and he is a very nice dog.My dog is very nice to humans ,and i hadn't had any problems with him.I think it depends on the owners if they train their pitbulls to be agrresive, because fighting is in the breeds blood.

UNHAPPY says ... on Sunday, Sep 20 at 6:02 PM

2 Pits escaped their kennel a few days ago. They rushed through the park that separates my property from theirs, chased my cat next door, and killed him in about 30 seconds. Unfortunately, St Helens animal control will not return my calls.

fran says ... on Friday, Aug 7 at 11:14 AM

Any dog would go after chickens. They are hunters by nature. They run after squirrels. It was the owner's fault for having a faulty fence no matter what the breed is. You people have to get over the pit bull thing. You are as mean as your owner.

Lindsay says ... on Wednesday, Jun 3 at 12:51 PM

It must be "another pit bull" thing...never heard of a dog killing a chicken before! Geez.

Kit says ... on Sunday, Mar 1 at 5:08 PM

As someone who was attacked by a neighbor's pit bull while I was just walking down the street minding my own business, I strongly encourage a ban on these dogs. Maybe people who are against the ban would feel differently if they got bit.

Kay says ... on Saturday, Feb 28 at 4:01 PM

Pit Bulls are dangerous and their owners often irresponsible and ignorant. Safety of children comes first....Outlaw pitbulls in Oregon.

Patricia says ... on Saturday, Feb 28 at 11:00 AM

I do not believe that Pit Bulls are a viable entity. Having them as a pet with children any where near, is like having a loaded gun in the hands of a child. Yes, owners play a big part. But consider their initial use, that is the breed in itself.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Feb 27 at 11:26 PM

Are you kidding me? How on earth is a dog killng a chicken news? You put a chicken in front of any dog and see what dogs don't go chasing after that chicken. Its animal instinct to hunt. Cats kill birds but I guess that doesnt make good news!

hannah says ... on Sunday, Feb 8 at 11:16 AM

So, first of all, it is not ALWAYS the owners, and it is definitelely not always the dog. This topic has become the focus of media. I am a pit bull and a rott owner. Dogs kill chickens, ALL dogs, This is ridiculous to make it on news

Chris says ... on Wednesday, Jan 7 at 11:11 AM

The problem is this breed is too powerful and it's attacks are to viscous. Owning an animal that you cannot control is irresponible and a deadly threat to all around you. Would you be ok with your neighbor owning a tiger, bear, etc?

Netsirk says ... on Monday, Dec 8 at 3:36 PM

What kind of a fence is that? Not much if you're trying to protect your chickens! And for all of you that claim it's genetics...I hope you don't reproduce because ignorance must be in your genes and we don't want to spread that now do we??

WowURDumb says ... on Saturday, Dec 6 at 7:42 PM

Pitbulls have been bred for generations what did they choose as a primary characteristic in breeding? Aggression, and a powerful jaw. A not violent pitbull is possible just like anything else, but they are violent because THEY ARE bred for that trait

Meme says ... on Friday, Dec 5 at 2:54 PM

Sorry you lost your chickens. This topic is old and tired. No one is going to win. People hate pits and that is too bad. I myself am a pit owner and I love my dog. I love my dog and I have trained him to be a good pet. He is my best friend

Lacey says ... on Wednesday, Dec 3 at 2:43 PM

Most dogs will kill chickens. I had chickens and 4 dogs. None of them were Pit Bulls; Black Lab, German Shep, Malamute, and a mutt. We lost about 5 chickens and oh well, dogs will be dogs. Chicken tastes good :)

Lilpit says ... on Wednesday, Dec 3 at 1:59 AM

I have owned lots of pits bulls throughout the years.I had 13 healthy loving pit bulls when I was homeless. was constantly harrassed and frowned apon for it.I don't care! My dog has always held her head high by my side,and I'll litterally die 4 her!

mymysmom says ... on Tuesday, Dec 2 at 9:52 PM

Most pit bull owners always have an excuse for the behavior of their weapons(dogs). I have had enough. Who's child is next?

Dan says ... on Tuesday, Dec 2 at 5:40 PM

I'm really tired of hear the lame adage "its the owner, not the dog." These animals a monsters. Its called genetics. How many of these owners claim the animal was friendly before it attacked? All of them. They have no right to exist.

Jose Fleceanos says ... on Tuesday, Dec 2 at 11:55 AM

The Pit Bull is a killer breed. It has been banned in France, and should be here too. I was attacked twice while walking my dog on the beach last summer. I will carry a piece at all times from now on. The owners should be held criminally liable.

Jonah says ... on Friday, Nov 28 at 4:31 PM

As should be the case with firearms, there should be mandatory training and certification before one can own a pitbull. I'll agree that it is not the dogs' fault, but once a pitbull is trained (or ignorantly conditioned) to be violent, it is ruined.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Nov 28 at 12:21 PM

There are many breeds that resemble Pits. Go to http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html and see how many tries it takes you to pick out the American Pit Bull Terrier!

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Nov 28 at 1:17 AM

Don't let your homeowners insurance company find out that you have a pit bull. Most companies will cancel you in a heartbeat. Risk of attack and bodily harm is too high.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Nov 28 at 1:14 AM

The pit bull breed has been ruined by a long run of bad owners. I've witnessed a pit bull attack someone unprovoked where the owner never raised his pit bull to attack or be vicious. The breed cannot be trusted. Not around my children. NO WAY.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Nov 27 at 7:24 PM

If we are going to ban pit bulls why don't we go ahead and ban black people too. After don't they make up the largest % of people in jail? COME ON PEOPLE! Pit bulls make the papers because it SELLS. Did they prove the dog was a pit?

Papa Pete says ... on Thursday, Nov 27 at 6:17 PM

It's a shame that we blame the animal (breed). Pit Bulls are NOT inherently vicious. By birth they are as gentle as any other dog, but they are trainable and can be quickly taught to be agressive. The problem is not the dog, it's the handler.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Nov 27 at 12:34 PM

Pit bulls shall be ban and diminishing out of this world!

Maxtor Man says ... on Tuesday, Nov 25 at 10:42 PM

It's not so much the breed of dog that's the problem, it's the macho thug owners. And, with the huge popularity of pit bulls with the criminal element, there are thousands of pit bulls in the general public that have been trained to fight.

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