Protesters lined Mollala Ave. on both sides

Oregon City Tea Party April 15th, 2009

Oregon City had a big turnout for the 2009 Tea Party Event. It got so big, the police made everyone hike down to Highway 213 for the festivities and speeches.

It was really invigorating and encouraging to see all the like-nminded citizens gather to voice their opposition to the Obama idiocy.

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Want to talk idiocy? says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 7:57 PM

Who's war(s) have we been spending our tax dollars on for the past eight years? Admittedly, I don't agree with everything that's being done or spent, but face it--Obama's done more good in his first 86 days than Bush did in his entire 8 years!

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 8:23 PM

Must have missed the "good" Can you elaborate? Don't see much progress, or change for that matter. Bush made mistakes and sold our future in some ways, current admin seems to want to prove they can do it faster, with less consideration. That's good??

Somebody says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 8:49 PM

Oh sure, Obama has done great things. Like appoint lobbyists and bankers, things he said he was against. As well as expand the war. The only change I've heard about is that massive $10/wk bonus to my paycheck (which hasn't materialized yet.)

Don't Trust The NEWS says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 9:13 PM

Media coverage of Tea Party Not many showed up for tea party. Make fun of the people at the tea party. Show pictures with the least amount of people in picture frame. Give more face time to those opposed to tea party. Blame Fox News says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 9:59 PM

After checking all of the local internet tv news the only one not covering the tea party in downtown portland was you! I like your weather guy as well as others on your news programs I will miss them . Delete, Delete, Delete!

Kay says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 10:03 PM

We are tired of big government, we could cut it in half and save enough money to take care of our own. I was thrilled to see the outcome in Oregon City. It makes me cry to think our liberties are going away fast. The news only gave us 30 seconds.

Mike says ... on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 10:05 PM

Why is this news?

To Want To Talk Idiocacy... says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 6:17 AM

IDIOCACY is your remark Obama has done more good in his first few days of Presidency, then Bush! Your SOCIALIST President has gotten us into TRILLIONS of dollars of debt in just a few days: MORE than ALL Presidents from Washington THROUGH Bush!

Harley says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 6:21 AM

The right wing God, Ronald Reagan & G. Bush Senior created the largest increase in deficit spending in history. No one seemed concerned about that. FOX Pseudo-News creates these "Tea Parties" because they have sold out to the right.

E says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 6:39 AM

Great turn out yesterday. To Mike: Every gathering downtown doesn't have to include fire, violent marches, police in riot gear, a little tear gas for good measure, or shutting down roads and bridges. It's just a much news when it's peaceful.

T says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 6:55 AM

Harley - check your facts, dude. O'Bummer has created the largest deficit spending - EVER. Actually, Congress approved it, so therein lies our problem. We need term limits so these career politicians don't get so far removed from the real world.

Rob says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 7:08 AM

Perhaps there really is a movement afoot to stop our downward spiral towards socialism. Read George Orwell's book "1984" And remeber this line from it... "All animals are created equal. Some animals are more equal then others" Communism !

Rob says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 7:12 AM

Why didn't KATU cover the Portland Tea Party? Objective reporting........ or agenda????

cITIZEN: says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 7:16 AM

For those who don't look at BOTH sides or don't see past both sides of the media, there is a simple answer to end the debate: DO THE MATH, DO THE MATH, DO THE MATH! It's unsustainable

Shermani says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 8:14 AM

Two observations: 1) Isn't it interesting how Republicans, and moderate Democrats can peacefully protest, and NOTHING gets destroyed, or damaged in any way! 2) These "protests" did not begin until these participants were off of work for the day.

Janna says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 8:43 AM

I was in Oregon City and it was amazing! If the liberals can protest- so can we. And WOW- Nothing got destroyed and no tear gas was needed! Hmmm......

Hana says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 9:36 AM

Amazing KATU wasn't there in Portland as the KOIN helicopter circled nonstop, and KGW was filming and interviewing. Interesting also that the Oregonian reported a 1,000 turnout when the crowd was the same size as the pro-life rally in Jan-7,000 then.

susan says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 10:51 AM

Fantastic event!! -- went with my husband and 13 year old son -- the 500 crowd started by lining both sides of Molalla Ave, honks/thumbs up/cheers from all the cars driving by -- Message: Stop Spending/Borrowing/Pork/Bailouts/3.4Trillon budget/DEBT!

A Reader says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 11:46 AM

YouNews would be more interesting if producers would write a good story to go along with the photos, or a well-produced video.

djan555 says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 12:52 PM

this looks more like a pro gun - pro war rally. a real yawnfest too,can you count the blue hairs? irrelevent elephants.

To To Want To Talk Idiocacy... says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 2:40 PM

What would happen if Obama hadn't acted to get us out of BUSH'S s*** pile? Much of the money is in the form of debt, so much of it will come back. You all are just upset that your hate-mongering circus lost. So sorry.

BobbyJ says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 2:47 PM

When we have to cut back on our spending and risk loosing our homes and jobs in this tough economy, the Fed Govt shouldn't be the only sector of the economy with positive growth - they too should be cutting back.

jasmine says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 3:03 PM

Um, I'm curious. What are the civil liberties that obama has or is planning to take away? What new taxes have I paid this year that i didn't pay last year? How do you propose to fix the economy by dumping tea and carrying racist signs? Just curious

ornative08 says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 3:39 PM

After Clinton - budget surplus (democrat) - After Bush (republican) - budget deficit. Last time I checked the economy is showing signs of improvement. Patience people - give Obama a chance to fix it! Rome wasn't built in a day.

Tina says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 3:59 PM

Regardless of the issue, I think it is wonderful to see people out demonstrating for what they care about. I was proud to see our freedom in use, and it put a smile on my face and pride in my heart. Not all the world has such privileges.

Brian says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 4:49 PM

I was at the tea party in Portland and read hundreds of handmade, grassroots signs in the hour and twenty minutes I was there. All of them were thought-provoking and none of them were racist in any way. “Burden Children With Our Debt? Yes We Did!"

carole ann says ... on Thursday, Apr 16 at 8:56 PM

Kind of funny how the democrats are always saying how patriotic it is to pay higher taxes when so many of them fail to pay theirs. Kind of like Obama saying how we need to save energy when he uses a plane to fly pizza in 1700 miles.

Chuckster says ... on Friday, Apr 17 at 5:55 AM

I "forgot" to pay my taxes this year. If and when Obama appoints me to a cabinet position, I'll conveniently "remember" to pay my taxes, but only if someone notices.

Lalala... says ... on Sunday, Apr 19 at 9:20 PM

Obama sucks. Get over it.

Tired says ... on Friday, Nov 6 at 11:51 PM

OK facts, Tell me something positive Obama has done and the facts proving it!! and not promises, even I can promise the moon, but don't hold your breath waiting to get it.

tired says ... on Saturday, Nov 7 at 12:02 AM

Why are Democrats so upset about people with signs voicing there opinion, I remember in many towns all the people carrying signs impeach Bush, and not one person opened there mouth then because the rest of us all believe in freedom of speech.

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