Driver in for a Rude Awakening

this Person is in for a rude awakenong when they return from where ever it is they are at as this spot was for a dissabled space.

I wasn't able to find out weahter or not they were towed.

Perhaps some people need a reminder that The Blu and White parking spots are there for a reason. They arn't painted With a wheel chair with out a reason.

But hten this gu yI guess can afford the ticket as well as the impound fees and towing fees.

So please keep in mind and be respectfull of others, don't park in the handicapped areas unless you have the Placard casue no matter waht state your in .. When you park here with out one, your playing the game of Russain Rulette and you eventually will lose.

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lee98632 says ... on Wednesday, May 5 at 11:55 AM

update: the persons of said Vehicle ere not handicapped that is why the staff at meadow brooks wrote the note, the ran the plate as it was a vehicle never seen there before . and it has been parking there off and on usually after the staff would leav

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Jan 17 at 11:48 AM

Name calling has no effect on me.. I must have hit a few nerves like the ones that like to places. The truth sometimes insights anger.

lee98632 says ... on Sunday, Jan 17 at 11:47 AM

My reason for posting this is to let you know that taking a handicap spot is actually rude as well as it is illegal. but then those that probably took offense to this article, well are probably the same people that take the spots.

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Aug 27 at 6:34 PM

Who'se up for a T4 V. 2009 Program?

just for fun says ... on Saturday, Aug 22 at 12:29 AM

and by the way the druggy that is poping pills and driving you will one day put someone in a weelchair if you do not stop driving all doped up and once again I dont care how bad the pain is your goning to kill someone some day

just for fun says ... on Saturday, Aug 22 at 12:25 AM

I dont care about all of your pain I am pain free but the truck driver if handicap should have been smart enought to hang his or her tag up it is not any ones falt but the owners if they were towed

Sarge says ... on Wednesday, Aug 19 at 11:36 AM

I have two pounds of titanium and stainless steel holding me together. If it hurts too much to walk from the parking garage, why doesn't it hurt while they're walking miles in the mall shopping? No, I don't have a handicap tag. Won't get one.

MedicStudent says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 4:38 PM

Wow D.W. Thats like the drunk telling the cop 'I been doin' it fer yers osifer! I's preferktly good to car my drive!' Give me a break. I dont care how long youve been taking them, your driving IS negitively affected by all of those narcotics.

BarbWire says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 1:00 PM

My mom has a handicapped permit and has never driven, her dr. approved for her to get one so when I take her to appoinments, shopping, or dinner she does not have a long walk. She has a difficult time walking (not Obese) and congestive heart failure.

salamander says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 9:33 AM

My dad, who was a paraplegic used to let the air out of tires of people who didn't have handicapped plates or placards. Someone in a wheelchair doesn't absolutely need the closer spot to the door, just the extra space to get in and out with a chair.

D.W. TO WTF says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 12:27 AM

Yes I drive-When you take things like I do You get used to taking it and they will help WithOut Affecting how you Drive-Now if you were to take that much the first time you would be in trouble but not when you have taken it for years-Ask a Doc.

D.W. says ... on Monday, Aug 17 at 5:15 PM

I also have rice crispy knees went through 8 weeks of PT-I also have plantar fasciitis and you know what I take absolutely nothing but a beer at night and ice on my knee and foot! I don't have a sticker neither. I work with my pain and through it!

sepoindian says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 9:18 AM

I've no problem with handicap stickers for those who need them. However, there needs to be more honesty and responsibility from those who have them when they use those spaces but with no one in the car in need of the special space.

WTF says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 8:19 AM

DW, do you still get behind the wheel stoked up on those meds?

D.W. says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 1:43 AM

I have a card but a lot of the time I don't look I need it But I have really bad knees they sound like Rice Crispies poping and they hurt---To lower the pain I take 3 Vicodin a day--3 motrin--and 270 m.g. of Morphin and that just Lowers the pain;

anonymous says ... on Saturday, Aug 15 at 3:52 PM

The DMV DOES require that they be returned if someone passes on, but they don't have any way of ensuring it, just as if someone gets a replacement ID and does not turn in the found one, they originally lost.

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 10:14 PM

I am handicapped by a progressive genetic disorder but am not yet in a wheelchair. To slow the progression, I am only supposed to walk very short distances, yet I do not appear handicapped to most. That doesn't mean I don't need the placard.

heathlea says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 1:28 PM

REALLY>>>they really posted this? I hope that these people were there legally and sue the hell out of these people for whatever they can get them do they know that they just didnt forget to put up the placard or whatever you call it

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Aug 13 at 11:53 PM

cant we all just get along

Muttley Macclad says ... on Thursday, Aug 13 at 10:01 PM

Have another drink!

pw in kansas says ... on Thursday, Aug 13 at 6:41 PM

agreed! the police or citizens should be able to check more. my husband has CHF but refuses a placard.

debbie97058 says ... on Thursday, Aug 13 at 1:08 PM

I've known people that have handicapped permits, that belonged to a deceased family member, and they continue to use it...I wish the DMV would require them to be returned...also, any cop can compare the "number" on the placard to the drivr's liscense

lee98632 says ... on Thursday, Aug 13 at 11:49 AM

Update yes my spelling sucks, but that wasn't the point of the story..If all you can do is look for spelling issues then you missed the story all together. Any ways the point to the story is . You shouldn't be parking where you don't belong.

anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 4:04 PM

Most people do not "appear" to be handicapped-some of us handle pain better then others-none of my clients even knew I had 3 serious injuries and was going through physical therapy-i was crippled and needed the handicapped spots!

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 3:58 PM

It's because our government doesn't want to inconvenience the overweight by making them burn any extra calories. Not speaking of the people with a LEGITIMATE handicap, of course.

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 2:00 PM

Question-why are most of the citizens that get out of vehicles that have handicap tags or cards, not even handicapped? when i visualize a handicapped person i think of wheelchairs??? mmmmaybe it is just me

Boppy says ... on Wednesday, Aug 12 at 8:32 AM

Those of us that are "handicapped" or "disabled" do appreciate being able to park in designated area's. We did not choose to be handicapped, but our disability makes simple things, like going to a store, more difficult than for those that are able

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 7:25 PM

OP, Bin jij een kutturk? Ken je engels niet?

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 6:54 PM

Spell check: It's whats for dinner....

Two Sides says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 6:34 PM

My husband is handicapped so we have a handicapped pacard for our car. There have been a couple times that I have forgetten to hang it from the rear view mirror. My mistake, thankfully car not towed.We still needed the spot.

Annoyed says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 6:05 PM

Double FAIL!

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 5:15 PM

This is how you really spend your free time? Writing angry stories about people in parking places where they don't belong?...... wow......

al m says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 1:04 PM

Great vid, pay no mind to the morons who inhabit this place. They hate everything and everybody!

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 10:44 AM

I think you meant MORON.

Anonymous says... says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 9:08 AM

I agree with the idea but before you post something for the public to read - please edit and spell check so you sound somewhat credible. Moran is an understatement.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 5:50 AM

What moron wrote this article?

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 3:59 AM


Rude Awakening says ... on Tuesday, Aug 11 at 12:40 AM

Writer in rude awakening for failing to spell check.

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