Our lovable dog Benji has been accused of killing a neighbor’s Guinea Pig who was outside its open fence. Despite the accusations Multnomah County animal Control has now Slapped Benji with a Level 4 Rating requiring a muzzle when walking and signs posted at our town house for dangerous animal.

Benjie is a Dorkie, Yorkshire terrier and Douchehound mix and is only 13 pounds. The neighbor of the dead guinea pig has been unruly, and was unwilling to take our offer of half the cost of a new animal. (Even though we feel the animal was dead prior to Benjie arriving.) This issue has now stretched near a month and the police have been called out to control our neighbor’s behavior. Walking by our house threatening to Poison Benjie with tainted meat and even threw a 6 to 8 inch rock at our fence with Benji on the other side. Things have gotten so bad with the neighbor that the landlord of the complex is reviewing evicting her and her family.

Then yesterday Animal control came to our house almost a month after the incident happen and slapped us with a level 4 infraction without a Prior warning from them as stated on section 12 part 2 of "Guide to resolving Animal Nuisances in your Neighborhood",

I felt The Animal Control Officer from her knocking on the door and her later mood, that she had a biest opinion on Benji and our family. And even had the infraction filled out before she came in. I really wish she had an open mind and heard both sides of the story first.

OK We need your help.

Please email us your opinion good or bad to see what options we have, Animal control official has classified our Benji as a level 4 threat and she is posting signs today. We are also forced to muzzle Benji when walking and also get him microchiped. Please note that our dog is NOT a pit bull and was very friendly to the officer even playing with her in our home.

Thank You for your time

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someone2 #1 says ... on Sunday, Mar 27 at 7:46 PM

A dog will naturally go after a rodent, its inbred in them. I once had a cat that managed to bring in 14 mice, finially caught him coming in the doggie door with a live mouse.

nmay says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 7:53 PM

Look out if your cat eats the hamster. Anyone knows animals living within the city limits are not allowed to participate in natural animal behavior. This one tops the list of stupid!

iliveonafarm says ... on Friday, Mar 25 at 3:01 PM

Shame on you guinea pig owner, it's your own fault. Our dog "takes care" of rodents too, it's necessary on our farm. Shame on animal control too, I would get an attorney and review the regulations.

Cindy says ... on Wednesday, Apr 21 at 8:20 AM

You know what I'm wondering is why was the G-pig out of its cage&no supervison? With your dog,why was he not in his yard?There was No supervision on both the the owners,if so this would not have happen.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Dec 21 at 8:25 AM

Its not illegal nor is it a violation of their privacy to record any on in public then take it to the judge. the person won't know what hit them just be sure to tell them that their being recorded.

lee98632 says ... on Monday, Dec 21 at 8:23 AM

Record the threats then take the threats to the police and file anti harassment charges then sue for property damages, file for a restraining order as the neighbor is threatening a family member with harm. its not illegal tbc

To Anonymous says ... on Monday, Dec 21 at 8:17 AM

Its not that simple, you must be a very unhappy person, for what ever reason you sought to be judge and jury.Pluss small rodents shouldn't be out side in the first place, not in this can kill them.

continued from above paragraph says ... on Monday, Dec 21 at 8:08 AM

As for the animal control officer file for a wrongful conviction and tell them your taking them to court. Make sure that you get as much video on your neighbor as possible. then file for destruction of property as well.

File anti harassment charges says ... on Monday, Dec 21 at 8:03 AM

File anti harassment charges with the local police station, If you can get a video camera and record it if you have to use your Web cam. take it to the police oh, there in public domain. as fir the animal control officer, to becontinued.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Sep 1 at 12:15 AM

just put the dog to sleep and be over with it

Kimberly says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 12:20 PM

Why do you have such need to be "right"? Why do you have the entitlement gene? Accidents do happen that's why they're accidents. It shows the type of people the owners are when they can't accept they're dog made a mistake.

kimberly says ... on Tuesday, Aug 18 at 12:19 PM

I've seen these ploys on craigslist and now here. Get over it! You own a breed that is naturally wired to kill rodents. It killed a rodent. Your neighbors are upset. I don't care that your whiny dog is a small breed. I won't be discriminatory.

Hunter says ... on Monday, Aug 17 at 5:48 PM

Maybe next time police or animal control is called out someone should request a "neighborhood" mediator to help solve the issue at hand and prevent further disruptions.

Hunter says ... on Monday, Aug 17 at 5:47 PM

The question is....why was the dog out of the yard and why was the pig out of it's cage? Both are at fault and both should be held responsible. Albeit the "punishment" for the dog owner is a bit extreem, especially in this case.

Small Wonder says ... on Monday, Aug 17 at 4:01 PM

When women are involved as Dog Cops and neighbors, things tend to go horribly awry. Good luck, you'll need it. Women get all psycho too easily. That's why we never, ever want a female President. P.S. They make lusy judges, too.

CB says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 9:49 PM

Benji should not be punished for this, but as a neighbor, and as the owner of the dog who killed their pet, I would offer to pay the entire cost of their new guinea - remember that their pet died. How would you feel if it were Benji. Keep the peace

Azoth says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 7:01 PM

Don't feel family has a neighbor that has called animal control on our dog ,where we live in the hills FAR away from most people, because Shilo scares of the deer. That's what we want her to do...we like having food in the garden.

BLogical... says ... on Sunday, Aug 16 at 5:02 AM

This story just sounds ludicrous... guinea pig running loose, sounds like they violated leash laws! And guinea pigs do squeak! The dog saw it as a live toy. My mini Dachs would have done the same thing...

Anonymous says ... on Saturday, Aug 15 at 6:05 AM

So what happens when your cat is outside and the neighbors bird gets out of their cage and flys outside and the cat eats it. Does the cat get the death penalty and signs put up that say beware of cat-dangerous cat? This story is BIZZZZAAAARRRR!!!!!

xaviercomputers says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 11:32 PM

BIG CORRECTION. I never ment to offend any pitbull owners. All im saying is that Benjie never had any violent tendencys and is even afraid of some of the cats around the Townhomes. It was wrong of me to compare cause many pitbulls are friendly.

dog lover says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 8:53 PM

I understand your problem, but your quote about the my dog is not a pit bull makes me angry. We have a pit bull and she is a very loving dog and does not bite at or bark at anyone. People have the wrong impression of these dogs. good luck to benji.

Lovedogs says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 6:08 PM

We have two guinea pigs and 3 large dogs. They're our family dogs...but would love nothing more than utilize our pigs as squeak toys. For this pigs are caged, inside in their own room. This is nonsense, all the best you and Benji : )

meme says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 5:43 PM

I am sure that Benji was playing with the thing. Why was it outside in the first place? My dog chases squriels and ratcoons, doesn't care about cats or other dogs. Just dirty little rodents. Seems like a normal dog thing to me.

Dani says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 5:41 PM

Rodents run loose without an owner or leash. Benji should NOT be charged. It's only natural for animals to go after rodents so enough is enough! FREE BENJI!!!!!!!! Dani

woody says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 5:03 PM

don't they have better things to do. I hope the land lord gets rid of them. Please. the officer should be written up!!!!

good dog Suki says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 4:36 PM

So, if Benji were a pit bull than he WOULD be responsible for the gp's death? That seems fairly biased too. I agree that rodents shouldn't be running around outside unattended, and a dog will be a dog, regardeless of breed

dog lover says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 2:51 PM

I always feel there are 2 sides to every story and that you may not be so innocent if you really think about it. You might have a nasty neighbor but are you TRULY not gulity of any wrong doing, even teasing or trying to get your neighbor upset?

tapmny says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 1:53 PM

Some animal control officers are just idiots. Dogs and cats were created to kill and eat rodents --- thank God. Next time keep your little crapper on a leash.

tapmny says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 1:45 PM

dogs kill rodents, cats kill rodents. That's what they are "supposed to do". That animal control officer is an idiot. I have a miniature poodle --- she loves to help me hunt mice and rats in our barn. She kills every one we find --good dog!

yeahok says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 10:44 AM

My lab/newfoundland mix is a rodent killer as well. It's their nature. if your neighbor was at all sane she'd keep (kept) her G pig in a cage. Call officer Lucky at Mult County Animal cntrl with your complaint. She will listen and is the supervisor.

32jim2 says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 10:27 AM

my cats are all level 5 rodent killers. warning to all rodents do not come within 200' of my property. they both bring rodents home daily. there are several dog breeds that also hunt rodents. Animal control need to send their officers to school.

support says ... on Friday, Aug 14 at 9:50 AM

Benji was probably just playing with the rodent. That is what dogs do. Animal control and the neighbors should be ashamed of themselves for over reacting. Guinea pigs are pets too but they should be kept in doors in cages!!!

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